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Pet Microchip registration service

Did you know that it is mandatory throughout the United Kingdom for all dog owners to have their dogs microchipped and recorded with a government compliant microchip database? This means ALL dogs arriving into the UK from ALL countries. Well we can help alleviate the burden of this task on you during your stressful relocation and we are the only pet shipper to be approved by one of these databases to submit those details on your behalf! We believe this to be a crucial addition to the comprehensive services we currently provide you, our pet families. With this addition, you can be sure we are offering you the complete package.

So to help all our pet families keep their dogs and cats safe we now offer:

  • Registration on same day of arrival – compared with up to 28 days with other database providers

  • Proof of registration emailed by end of next working day

  • Confidential and fast service – secure online form

This microchip service is of course also open to all, pet owners, pet shippers and airlines should you wish refer them directly to us. Whether we perform the import clearance or not, this service is also available from all ports of entry into the UK.

If pet owners would like to take advantage of this new service then please fill out the form below, printer friendly version can be found here

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