Flying with a Puppy: What you Need to Know


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brown and black sausage dog puppy sitting in its owners arms looking at the camera

Puppies are a huge part of the family, so it is only understandable that you will want to take your newest family member on your travels with you.

During a puppy’s most important socialisation stage (8-12 weeks, and then again at 6 months), it is very important to introduce them to a range of scenarios and travelling is a great way of doing so.

The importance of travelling with a puppy

Travelling with your puppy is an important factor in building both their confidence and yours!

Travelling helps your puppy to learn about the world and its dangers so your dog can grow up being able to keep themselves safe whilst living a fulfilled life.

Alongside this, bringing your puppy along with you when you travel can aid significantly in their training regimen! So it is a win-win.

The rules

The rules and regulations for flying with a puppy are the same as they are for travelling with an older dog. They vary depending on where you are flying to and from, but generally are as follows:

Tips for
taking a puppy on a plane

When flying with a puppy, you should treat this largely the same as travelling with an older dog, however, there can be some added challenges in terms of your puppy’s routine and training.

There are some steps you can take before you jet off to make the journey run as smoothly as possible.

Prior to flying, get your puppy used to other forms of travelling such as by car, train and bus. This will help them get used to a moving vehicle, as well as being around other people and other sights and smells.

Alongside this, you will also want to follow some travel tips for older dogs such as getting your pet used to their travel crate, placing a t-shirt that smells like home in their crate, and taking them on a long walk prior to travelling.

The main difference between flying with a puppy and flying with an older dog is that your puppy will still be adjusting to their routine and training. It is super important to maintain a sense of routine whilst you are away wherever possible, and always keep up with their training.

Once you have arrived

After you have arrived, make sure to give your puppy lots of attention and cuddles as they will be in an unfamiliar environment after not seeing you for a few hours, so they may be feeling anxious or confused.

Remember, if you have chosen to take your puppy with you on holiday it is not just your responsibility to make sure they get there safely, but it is also your responsibility to make sure they have a great time whilst they are there.

Bring them with you on your adventures wherever you can and spend lots of time with them.


Now you know the benefits of travelling with your puppy, we hope you have benefitted from these tips on taking a puppy on a plane and have a smooth journey.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.


Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash.