Cat Travel Checklist: What do you need to travel with a cat?


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brown and white cat sat in a suitcase under a blanket

Travelling with a cat is becoming more and more popular, as people realise what inquisitive, adventurous creatures they can be.

If you are planning on taking your cat on holiday, you will need to pack appropriately for the trip so that they have everything that they need. So, what do you need to travel with a cat? Check out our handy cat travel checklist to make packing for your fluffy friend a breeze!

Travel crate or carrier

When taking your cat on holiday, safety is paramount. Whether you are travelling by plane or car, you will need a safe and secure travel crate for your pet.

Choose a crate that allows them to stand up, lay down and turn around comfortably, and make sure to put some cosy bedding in so that they can have an enjoyable journey – bonus points if it smells like home!

Harness and lead

If you choose to bring your cat along on your adventures, then make sure you have planned for them to be able to join in the fun. If you are planning on going on some lovely long walks and exploring the scenery, your cat will love joining you.

Pack a suitable harness and lead for your cat. A retractable lead is best as it offers your cat even more freedom to explore, which they will definitely appreciate!

Make sure to get your cat used to their harness and lead before you travel by taking them on regular walks in the months leading up to the trip.

Portable litter tray

Unless your cat is trained to go to the toilet outside, you definitely won’t want to forget a litter tray!

A portable litter tray is a great option, especially if you are travelling long distances by car. To ensure the area stays clean and tidy, you can even place the litter tray inside a larger cardboard box which can help prevent spillages.

It probably goes without saying… but remember to pack plenty of litter!


Another item that is likely first on your cat travel checklist is cat food. Make sure you pack plenty of food, as the worst thing is running out mid-trip and not being able to find your cat’s usual food – as we know cats can be fussy eaters!

Make sure to also bring food bowls and a portable water bowl that you can bring with you on any long hikes or day trips.


Mental stimulation is just as important for your cat as physical exercise. So even if they spend the days exploring with you, you’ll want to ensure you bring plenty of their favourite cat toys to keep them entertained.

This is also great for providing some home comforts for them whilst they are away from their usual territory, as their toys will smell like home.

We hope our handy cat travel checklist helps to give you a head start when packing for a holiday with your cat, but if you have any questions that this blog did not answer please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help.

Happy travels!

Photo by Freepik.