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Dave Bradley Photography

Wherever possible on our website we will always use the photo’s our customers have sent us of their beloved pets. The testimonial page will always show when possible actual pet pics but sometimes quality isn’t sharp enough to use on other pages on our website so we have to reluctantly resort to stock pictures, which we try not to do. As sharp and as clear as they are they are unknown people and pets which really isn’t the image we wish to project so this is where Dave, a very talented friend of mine, comes in. Dave lives in a wonderful part of the UK, North Norfolk, and just happens to take the most fantastic pictures which he very kindly allows us to use. Dave’s dog Teddy can often be seen gracing our pages as Dave’s pics are too good not to show off. Now I realise to everyone else Teddy is an unknown dog and may as well be a stock photo, hence the reason for this post, to introduce him to everyone and to give Dave the credit he so rightly craves..ooh sorry I mean deserves 🙂

Here’s a taster of some of his brilliant work….