Dog-Friendly Holidays in Germany: The TailWings Travel Guide


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Germany is a popular destination for pet travel, and it’s no surprise as it is considered one of the most dog-friendly countries globally!

If you are planning on taking your dog to Germany, read our handy travel guide to find out everything you need to know before you set off.

Dog-friendly Destinations

Once you have decided on taking your dog to Germany, the next step is deciding where in Germany you will be travelling to and the type of holiday you are after.

If you want to go on a short city break, Berlin is a great option! It is full of iconic history and tourist landmarks, and it was voted Germany’s most dog-friendly city. In Berlin, dogs are welcome on the streets, on public transport, in parks, restaurants, and bars, so your dog can make the most of the trip.

Do you prefer a relaxing beach holiday to a city break? If so, you will be pleased to hear that Germany has many dog-friendly beaches that you and your pup can explore. The town of Sylt is considered one of the most pet-friendly beach towns in Germany and has 17 dog beaches! Why not stay in a beach-side holiday home to make the most out of the picturesque views and early-morning walkies on the sand.

A lakeside holiday is a popular choice for pet travel; with stunning views and the chance for your dog to go for a swim, it makes an excellent choice for a dog-friendly holiday. When taking your dog to Germany, there are several lakeside destinations. A popular choice is Lake Constance due to its many hiking trails that you and your dog will love.

Dog-friendly holiday accommodation

Accommodation can make or break your holiday, so it is a big decision! Luckily in Germany, this decision is pretty easy, as it is full of dog-friendly holiday accommodation. Most hotels in Germany allow dogs to stay, but make sure that you find a place that is dog friendly and not just dog tolerant! 

Look out for the T&Cs and make sure you consider your dog’s personality when booking; for example, if your dog likes to snuggle on the sofa with you in the evenings, make sure you book somewhere that allows dogs on the furniture.

If you are after somewhere with more space, go for a holiday home rather than a hotel, as these will typically include a living area, a bedroom, a kitchen, and sometimes even an outdoor space – perfect for your pooch!

It’s essential to look at reviews when researching dog-friendly holiday accommodation. These will give you a better insight into the property from an unbiased point of view and help you make the right decision for both you and your pet.

Food and drink

For many people, finding charming local places to eat and drink is an integral part of the holiday itself, so you will be happy to hear that dogs are welcome in most restaurants and bars in Germany. The main exception to this is bakeries and grocery stores where dogs are not usually allowed, so pay attention to the signage to avoid any trouble or ask if you are unsure!

Bring a foldable water bowl for your dog to keep them hydrated, and bring plenty of treats to keep them on track as good behaviour is expected from your dog whilst in Germany. Check out our holiday checklist for pet travel to help you when packing for your trip.

Public transport

Germany has an excellent public transport system, making it easy to explore whilst travelling! Dogs of all sizes are almost always allowed on board.

The pricing system varies depending on which town or city you are in, so check before you buy your tickets. In some cities, dogs can travel for free, but it varies depending on the size of your pet and if they are in a carrier. Some towns allow dogs to travel with a child’s ticket or a reduced ticket if you have purchased a day ticket for yourself.


So, you’re taking your dog to Germany!! With bags packed, and the flights booked, it’s time to plan your itinerary.

One of the key activities your four-legged companion will be joining you for is sightseeing, and there is plenty to see in Germany. Dogs are allowed in most outdoor spaces, including gardens surrounding castles or palaces, unlike in some other countries.

Explore the medieval town of Quedlinburg, or visit one of Germany’s many beautiful parks, such as Sanssouci Park, where your dog is more than welcome! Your dog will have a great time investigating all the new sights and smells, and you can enjoy the picturesque views and rich history.

However, dogs are not usually allowed in indoor spaces such as churches, museums and castles. If you are travelling with another human, why not take turns exploring indoor venues whilst someone watches the dog?


We hope this travel guide has made taking your dog to Germany easy, exciting, and stress-free! If you have any further questions about dog-friendly holidays in Germany check out our Europe destination guide or get in touch with our team of experts who will be happy to assist you.