How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather


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Brown and black puppy laying by a swimming pool with water droplets around

We are being treated to beautiful weather this summer, and whilst this is enjoyable for us humans, it can be a bit much for our dogs!

So whether you are embarking on international pet travel or enjoying the Great British Summer, here are 5 of our top tips to cool your dog down and let them enjoy the sunshine with you.


Water, water and more water

When the weather is warm, there is no better feeling than an ice-cold glass of water, and the same is true for your dog.

Always keep your dog’s water bowl within easy reach to ensure your dog is drinking plenty of water in the hot weather, and make sure it is nice and cold!

A great tip for dogs in hot weather is to pop an ice cube or two into your dogs’ water bowl, and if you are out and about, always bring a portable water bottle or bowl with you.


Invest in a cool mat

Ask any dog owner how to cool your dog down, and they will recommend a cool mat as an easy fix.

Cool mats are great because they are easy to set up anywhere in the home and provide instant relief for your dog. They are also portable and easy to take with you for international pet travel.

Cool mats work with a cooling gel inside and are available in a range of sizes, so ensure you choose a mat that is a suitable size for your dog. You could even get a cool mat that fits inside their crate to keep them cool during the night.


Time your walkies appropriately

Our four-legged friends, especially flat-faced breeds, are much more sensitive to the heat than us, so you have to be extra careful when you take them for a walk.

For safe pet travel, avoid walking your dog in the heat, and keep them entertained indoors instead. Alternatively, you can let them run around in the garden with a hose to keep them cool and get their daily exercise in.

If you do have to walk your dog, only do so in the very early morning or late evening when the temperature has dropped.


Give your dog a cold snack

Treat your dog to some puppy ice cream, or make your own fruit popsicles to keep them cool on those warm summer days. Just be cautious of the ingredients you use and check with your vet before making your dog any homemade goodies!

Alternatively, a fab tip to cool your dog down is to freeze some of your dog’s treats in a bowl with water or freeze their favourite toy for a few hours.


Create a cool room in the house

This trick works best in a room with no carpet, so if you have any carpet-free rooms you can set up the perfect cold sanctuary for your pooch. If you have carpet, don’t worry you can simply place some cool mats on the floor.

Keep the blinds closed, add some cool mats on the floor, and set up a fan, and your dog will love cooling off in this room.

Leave your dog to spend some time cooling down in the room, and try not to cuddle them, as this will only make them warmer.


Whether you’re staying in the UK or travelling abroad with your pup, you’ll now know how to cool your dog down this summer and enjoy safe pet travel. We hope you and your pup have a great time in the sunshine and make some memories that will last a lifetime!

If you would like any advice for travelling with your dog, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.