What to Bring on a Staycation with Pets


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Planning a pet-friendly staycation requires more than just choosing somewhere fun to visit, and checking the place you’re staying allows pets to stay. You’ll want to make a checklist that allows you to pack both you and your pets’ belongings to avoid forgetting anything.

Not sure where to start? We have got you covered! Read our expert blog to find out everything you need to bring on a staycation with pets.


The essentials for pet travel

Pets, like most of us, value routine – so sticking to their daily routine whilst travelling is super important.

Make sure to pack all the essentials, including:

  • Their everyday food; Make sure to stick to your pet’s normal food whilst travelling to avoid any upset stomachs. Also, make sure to bring enough food!

  • A pet bed; Everyone will be happier if they have had a restful sleep, so make sure you pack your pet’s bed.

  • A collar and lead; Whether you are planning a staycation with your dog or cat, you will likely want to explore the area with your furry friend! Bring a collar and lead or harness so your pet can join you for walks around the area, and make sure your address and phone number are clearly on the collar in case they do wander off.

  • A portable water bowl; Bring a portable water container with you, so your pet doesn’t go thirsty on any long walks.

  • A litter tray or poop bags; Always be respectful of the area you are visiting and clean up after your pet.

All of these items should be first on your pet travel checklist, enabling a happy, stress-free staycation experience.


Home comforts

Aside from all the essentials you need to pack, your pet will appreciate you for including some home comforts in their suitcase, as travelling can be a daunting and new experience for them!

Anything that smells like home can help to settle your pet in their new environment, so bring some blankets that will make them feel at home wherever you choose to go.

Alongside that, bring their favourite toys and treats to keep them busy and reward them when they have been good.


Don’t forget these!

There are some other items you may need to bring, so don’t forget:

  • Any medication or supplements your pet regularly takes
  • Some pet shampoo and a towel in case the weather is not on your side
  • A pet brush to keep their fur tangle-free
  • A coat for bad weather if they normally use one

When planning a pet-friendly staycation, you won’t need all the paperwork that you would for an abroad trip, but it still requires more thought and planning than a trip without your pet. Use this guide on what to bring on a staycation with pets to help you enjoy a hassle-free experience, or for any further information and advice, please get in touch with our team, who will be happy to help.