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Exporting your pet from the UK

Travelling to another country can be stressful for both owners and pets alike, but with our expert knowledge and some advanced planning we strive to make the process of taking your pet abroad as smooth as possible.

The paperwork

Pet documentation and permits for flying with a pet vary from destination to destination and we are able to advise and look after all of this for you should you require us to do so. You can of course endeavour to tackle the paperwork yourself but with the many different requirements of each country any omissions or inaccuracies can cause delays which can be extra stressful and costly, so trust us as pet travel experts to handle this for you.


We can liaise with your vet to ensure the correct and timely treatments and vaccinations are administered.

Travel crate and accurate measurements

The welfare and safety of your pet is paramount throughout the travel process and we cannot stress enough how important it is that we use the correct sized travel crate. IATA (International Air Transport Association) have set guidelines as a minimum standard for the size of the travel crate to be used and the way we ensure these criteria are met by asking you to take the measurements of your pet here and use the key provided, or you can simply provide us with the dimensions and we will work this out for you. We can provide ready-made plastic “Vari-kennels” in standardised sizes or bespoke wooden kennels. All our kennels come supplied with a vet bed and export pack and can be shipped to your home or we can meet you at the airport ready to book in, which makes taking your pet abroad even easier.

Stress relieving tips for your pet

Most pets take travelling by air in their stride, but only you know your pet best. If you are not travelling for a few weeks and you feel your pet/s would benefit from some kind of natural herbal remedies to help them cope then please discuss this with your vet and us. It can also be helpful to have your travel kennel in your home well before flying with a pet as it allows them to accustom themselves to the crate. Also, consider supplying your pet with a blanket or even an item of your clothing with the familiar scent of home for when the flight day arrives, as in a strange environment this can be of great comfort. Read more of our TailWings Pet Travel Advice tips here.

Pre-flight boarding

We are able to board your beloved pet prior to the flight as we work with kennels and catteries around the country, however at Heathrow the preferred kennel/cattery is just a 3 minute drive from the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (HARC). Coincidentally, we are only a one minute drive from the HARC and are also the only on airport Pet Shipper.

Collection and delivery

Our vehicles are fully sign written and air-conditioned with fully trained staff. They are also approved by DEFRA (Dept of Environment for Food & Rural Affairs) as pet transporters and as such can pick up your pet from your home or meet at the airport, simplifying international pet travel even more.

You and your pet/s are unique customers with your own choices and decisions and as such we can provide a bespoke package tailored for you from door to door.

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TailWings are DEFRA licensed pet transporters.

Authorisation No. UK/BURY/T2/00104659

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