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Legitimate companies like us here at TailWings Pet Travel are at risk of having their name and branding used by scammers. Recently, at TailWings, we have seen an influx of worried people calling us after promises of delivery of puppies and kittens.

We do not want anyone to fall for these scams, so please feel free to call us as we can tell you immediately if anyone has booked us to deliver an animal.

Call us directly on 0203 778 1190

Report any scam to your local police, do not pay anyone any money, and do not give them any personal information! A sign a scammer is contacting you is by their email address e.g. are they using Hotmail or Gmail? We would only contact you from our TailWings address.

You can contact Action Fraud to report if you have fallen victim to a scam via the phone or on online.

Thank you, and stay safe online.