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Pet Transport to Africa

Africa is comprised of 54 countries, with varying levels of health requirements. The most common country in Africa for TailWings to send pets to is South Africa.

South Africa has very little in the way of health requirements for cats, but for dogs there are a number of blood tests that need to be carried out (with negative results) for successful entry.

Pet parents will also need an import permit and customs clearance to enter the country, which we can also assist with.

A declaration must also be signed and handed over to your Official Veterinarian, stating the below:

  1. The pet/s have been continuously resident in the United Kingdom since birth or has been continuously resident in the United Kingdom or South Africa for the last six month.

  2. The below pet/s originate from an area which is not under official veterinary restrictions by DEFRA for any disease to which carnivores are susceptible.

  3. The said animal did not come into contact with animals infected of suspected of being infected with rabies, as far as is possible to determine.

  4. I am aware that the treatment for Dirofilaria must continue for 6 months after arrival in South Africa (dogs only).

  5. The said animal will travel in a brand new container which conforms to the IATA regulations and is either or or suitably fumigated of which will prevent animals of a lesser health status coming into direct contact.

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