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Chihuahua sat in an orange bag on a bench with its owner

Travelling with pets is becoming more and more popular for many people, but it involves additional thought when it comes to packing!

We’ve rounded up our top 5 essential pet travel products to make your journey run smoothly. Read on to discover our recommendations.

Nose and Paw Balm

As humans, we moisturise our skin by applying hand cream and lip balm when needed, and your pet needs the same treatment.

Bring a nose and paw balm along on your trip to keep your pet’s paws and nose soft and pain-free, particularly in the hot weather or after long trail walks. Soothe and moisturise your pet’s skin with Primary Pet’s Balm or Pethical’s Skin and Paw Balm.

close up shot of a dog's nose

A Pet-Friendly First Aid Kit

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, so it is best to be prepared should anything go wrong. A pet-friendly first aid kit containing bandages, saline washes, and a splinter picker is a great idea and will give you peace of mind whilst on your adventures.

The Trail Dog Medical Kit from Wilderdog contains everything you could need, or the Pet First Aid Kit Bum Bag from Jax is another great option that is easy to carry with you when out and about.

white dog sat next to a first aid kit

Travel Bed

When you are travelling with pets, you can often find yourself limited for space. This is where a travel bed can be extremely handy! They take up less room and mean your pet can be comfy without hopping up on the furniture with you.

Some great options are the ChuckIt Travel Bed which has a quilted design, is machine washable, and comes with a portable sack to store it in, making it super easy to transport. The K&H Elevated Dog Bed is an excellent elevated pet bed that is collapsable and ideal for small dogs.

dog sleeping in dog bed

A Rain Jacket

If you are travelling somewhere that isn’t known for its sunny weather, or your trip falls in the autumn and winter months, you will definitely want to bring a rain jacket for your pet.

This will prevent your pet from getting too cold and will also stop them from getting too mucky and trailing mud and rainwater into the accommodation you are staying in. The Danish Design 2-in-1 Coat is great, as it is suitable for all four seasons and offers full chest protection as well as a light reflective band.

dog standing on a wall wearing a yellow raincoat

Doggy Dry Shampoo

During international pet travel, your pup might get mucky, and you might not have the facilities to clean them like you would at home.

Dry shampoo for dogs can be really useful in keeping your pet happy, comfortable, and smelling great throughout the entire trip! The Smug Dog Soft and Snuggly Dry Wash Shampoo allows you to remove knots and reduce static whilst keeping your dog’s coat glossy and healthy.

corgi being dried in a grey towel

These pet travel products will help you to enjoy a stress-free trip and may not be on your current packing list!

As pet travel specialists, we can help you with every step of your travels, whether you are relocating or going on holiday. Get in touch with us to find out more.


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