Five Luxurious Pet-Friendly Hotels In Europe


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When it comes to your holiday, you’re left with two options; leaving your dog at home with the sitter, or taking them on an adventure of a lifetime. We know what option we would pick. When travelling in Europe, it’s important that you find a hotel that is accommodating to your four-legged friends and give them that special treatment you know they deserve. Our latest blog covers five pet-friendly hotels in Europe that will help make your holiday one to remember.

Cap Estel Hotel, France

If you are looking for that classic French Riviera experience for both you and your dog, the Cap Estel Hotel could be the one for you. Surrounded by palm trees, terraced gardens and the Mediterranean azure, this is an ideal place to escape from reality! You and your companion can frolic and play around on the resort’s private beach, enjoy the scenic views or take a little drive to Monaco. When you’re worn out for the day, you can visit Cap Estel’s in-house restaurant and experience seasonal dishes with original flavours from the Mediterranean and beyond.

Hotel d’Angleterre, Switzerland

Switzerland is home to more than just the Alps. In Geneva, you will find one of the most luxurious pet-friendly hotels in Europe, the Hotel d’Angleterre. Widely regarded as one of Europe’s finest five-star luxury boutique hotels, it blends an old-world charm, impeccable personal service and 21st-century technology into a hotel to remember. In the Windows Restaurant, you and your four-legged friend will experience fine dining and enjoy local specialities. Anything you or your dog are craving, they will provide. Your pets will receive the full VIP treatment with a variety of treats and services available to them.

Danai Beach Resort & Villas, Greece

In Northern Greece, the Aegean Peninsula is home to The Danai Beach Resort. Surrounded by the mediterranean sea, white sandy beaches and colourful lush gardens, you can truly distance yourself from the modern world. You and your pet will not go hungry this holiday, with the resort scattered with a variety of pet-friendly restaurants. Whether it’s beds, treats, or spa treatments, your pet will experience pampering like never before. 

L’Andana Hotel & Spa, Italy

Located a few miles from the seaside town of Castiglione Della Pescaia is the L’Andana Hotel & Spa. With beds, bowls and a blanket to ensure a relaxing stay, your four-legged friend will feel safe and comfortable. The hotel has two restaurants, both of which are pet-friendly, and you can be rest assured to be treated to the finest Italian dining experience.

Homewood Hotel & Spa, England

If you’re not looking to fly this summer, the Homewood Hotel & Spa in Bath, Somerset could be just what you need. Its 10 acres of beautiful gardens and grounds and historic and contemporary designs make this a lovely weekend away for you and your companion. Homewood Hotel & Spa is home to one of the top restaurants in Bath, where you and your companion will get a taste of the finest seasonal dishes. Along with the restaurant, the Homewood Hotel & Spa is home to a spa like no other, with a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room and heated outside swimming pool, you can rest assured knowing that you will rest easy. 

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