Mosquitoes Suck!


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Mosquitoes Suck!

It’s a real wonder that anyone’s pets leave the UK at this time of year with me doing the custom entries!

Reason being is as follows and can be deduced by this simple equation…

windows 8 + touchscreen + flying insects + flapping at the screen = rapid change of page and loss of work.


I can be happily typing away and doing what I have to do to enable a pet to leave our shores and hey presto a pesky mosquito decides my lovely bright screen is a landing pad.

You see it’s a double whammy, the insect lands on the screen which changes the page, I flap at aforementioned screen and get yet another page. Then just like London buses another mozzy comes along and it happens again

I swear they are doing it on purpose but if I could turn off the touchscreen easily (as I know the heat and light is what the real attraction is) I would but for now I have to put up with it, I just hope they don’t get any bigger.

And no, no pet has ever missed their flight due to low flying mozzies, at least not on my watch.

mossy 1