National Pet Bird Day 17th September 2023


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Here at TailWings pet travel we re-unite families with not just cats and  dogs but birds too as they make the most wonderful pets.

Today celebrates not just domesticated birds but wild ones as well and al their wonderful connections to us.

Read on to find out more…..

  • Bird lovers and pet lovers can find plenty of reasons to celebrate and enjoy National Pet Bird Day!

    History of National Pet Bird Day

    Birds make wonderful pets! They are easily integrated into families and they are typically fairly easy to care for and don’t require a great deal of time. Plus, when they are taken care of and fed properly, birds can lead very long and happy lives – even up to 50 years for some species!

    Historians believe that birds have been kept as pets for up to 5000 years, beginning in Brazil. By the 3rd century BC, Alexander the Great had conquered India and took parrots to Europe. But the first record of a parrot being in Britain was in 1504 when Henry VIII kept an African Grey parrot as a pet.

    Since then, birds have become more common pets and can be enjoyed by just about anyone. National Pet Bird Day was created to celebrate the fun and beauty that comes with having a pet bird.

    How to Celebrate National Pet Bird Day

    Enjoy the fun and delight of National Pet Bird Day with some of these ideas:

    Show Appreciation to Your Pet Bird

    Those who have a pet bird can celebrate National Pet Bird Day by popping by the pet store to pick up a treat. Birds enjoy treats like seeds and nuts. Or grab your little birdie a new swing, chain, perch, ladder or toy.

    Of course, many pet birds are just as happy with a toy that is made at home, like a ladder made out of Popsicle sticks, poker chips or even shower curtain rings. Your pet bird will be perfectly happy and have tons of fun on National Pet Bird Day!

    Learn About Birds

    One fun and exciting way to celebrate National Pet Bird Day is to learn a bit about birds. Get started with some of these fun facts:

    • Birds love routine

      While they can be fairly low maintenance when understood, it’s important for owners to remember that birds are good time-keepers, they like to eat at the same time every day, and they need a long twelve hours of sleep.

    • Birds have up to 20,000 species

      At least 12 families of birds are kept as pets and each family has at least a dozen species.

    • Birds can be expensive

      Large, exotic birds, like Macaws, can cost up to $5,000. But a parakeet can be as inexpensive as $10.

    Get a New Pet Bird

    Those who don’t have a pet bird might consider National Pet Bird Day as a time to consider getting one. While they do still need the attention and care that any good pet owner offers, pet birds are great pets that can offer companionship and are happily kept inside, even in small houses or apartments. With beautiful feathers and distinct colors, with the proper training, some birds can even learn how to talk!

    But those considering getting a pet bird should also be sure they understand the needs and responsibilities that go along with the different species of birds.