Your Complete Dog Holiday Checklist


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Labrador with suitcase

Planning, preparing and packing for your holiday is always a challenge, with some bits being left till the last minute to pack. Adding a dog into the mix makes this even more of a challenge, with questions like “Where will they sleep?”, “What will they eat?” and “What doggy comforts should I bring?” always come to mind. We know the struggle, so make sure to read our handy dog holiday packing list to give you peace of mind and your dog a holiday to remember.

Dog bed

Your dog is going to be in a new environment, so it’s important that they feel as comfortable as possible so both of you can enjoy your stay. A great way to keep your dog happy and relaxed in a foreign land is to bring some of their home comforts on the journey, such as their dog bed from home. Not only will it be cosy and comfy for them, but it will also smell like home and put them at ease.

If you are journeying by plane, it’s important that your dog has a restful flight. To find out the best ways to prepare your pet for a flight, be sure to check out our top tips.

Dog food, treats and bowls

Similarly to their dog bed, your dog is going to feel much more relaxed surrounded by things they are used to and this includes their food. Make sure you pack enough to last the trip, and we recommend taking a little extra in case of any delays. Sticking to the food they are used to also helps your dog avoid an upset stomach, which will help them (and you!) enjoy the holiday you both deserve.

Make sure to take some dog treats to reward your pup when they have been good or to assist with walking!

Dog collars, leads and name tags

The importance of a good collar and name tag can’t be understated, especially when in a new environment – this is why it is a key part of your dog’s holiday checklist. If your dog does happen to get lost whilst on holiday, having a clear name tag will massively increase the chances of them being found. A great tip is to get an extra name tag printed with the address of your holiday accommodation!

Make sure to pack both a long lead and a short lead for your travels. A long lead will let your dog explore and is great for long walks, whilst a short lead is often needed in built-up areas or tourist attractions where you are required to use a shorter lead to keep your dog under control.

Portable water bowls

If you are planning on doing a lot of walking with your dog, make sure you have the means to keep them hydrated. Especially if you are going somewhere warmer than home, it’s important that your dog has plenty of water to cool off. Take a portable water bowl or a dog-suitable water bottle with you for those long hikes!

Poo bags

Whilst out and about with your pup, you are going to need to clean up after them! So don’t forget to pack plenty of poo bags and do your bit to keep the local environment clean and tidy and be a polite tourist. Opt for biodegradable bags to look after the planet and dispose of them in the allocated bins.

Dog toys

Choosing to take your dog on holiday means keeping them entertained – so make sure to take some of their favourite toys with you! Tennis balls are great if you are going somewhere with plenty of open space to play fetch with your dog.

We hope this dog holiday checklist is useful and helps you to take some of the stress out of travelling with your pet! Make sure to check out our guides for your chosen destination to ensure you have everything you need prepared and get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like any advice and we will be happy to help!