How to Get a Pet Passport: a Quick Guide


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When travelling with your pet, we cannot stress the importance of a pet passport enough. You won’t be able to board the plane or enter your chosen country if you don’t have your passport… and the same goes for your pet!

As of 2021, a pet passport has a new name – an Animal Health Certificate, and any pet passports that were issued in the UK are no longer valid.

To help make pet travel easier for you, we have rounded up the rules in this simple guide – read on to find out how to get a pet passport.

Travel to the EU or Northern Ireland

To enter the EU or Northern Ireland you will need to obtain a ‘pet passport’ called an Animal Health Certificate at least 10 days prior to travelling.

Your vet will be able to issue you with one, and you will need to bring proof of your pet’s microchip and vaccination history with you.

Once you have obtained your Animal Health Certificate it will be valid for 10 days, giving you 10 days to enter the EU or Northern Ireland. It is then valid for a further 4 months of onward travel, as well as for your return to the UK.

Travel outside of the EU

To travel outside of the EU you will need an Export Health Certificate (EHC). Each country has its own EHC requirements, so do make sure to check before you travel with your pet.

Alongside an EHC, you will also need an export application form.

To apply for an EHC, head to the Government website and search for your animal and the country of travel.

Download and read the EHC guidance notes carefully, as these will tell you exactly what you need to do to prepare for pet travel to your chosen destination. If you need any help understanding these rules, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

After reading the documents, apply for your EHC through the Government website.

Returning to the UK

Make sure you hold on to your pet passport throughout your travel as you will need this to enter back into the UK.

Upon your return, your pet’s documents will be checked, signed and stamped.

Now you know how to get a pet passport, you can start planning your pet travel journey! If you need help choosing your holiday destination, check out our destination guide.

Happy travels!